Nike Air Force 1 w/ Swappable Swooshes


Nike introduces another Air Force 1 equipped with interchangeable velcro Swooshes. While the company has released a variety of models with modular attachments, especially in 2019, this is by far one of the most vibrant releases we have seen. The youthful blue colorway reminds of New Balance’s most recent modular ‘N’ release.


This new modular Air Force 1 features a blue leather base, with matching blue laces. The sole is all white, with black detailing on the heel and tongue tags, respectively. The primary excitement comes from the interchangeable Swooshes. The pair comes with three different Swooshes: a gray geometric mosaic print, a volt green color, and finally an iridescent black. Unlike previous models with multiple Swoosh options, the Swooshes do not wrap around the heel of the shoe. The tongue and heel patches are also not interchangable, as they had been in other modular Nike AF1 releases, for a more simplified experience


This newest Nike Air Force 1 with interchangable Swooshes is the most youthful of all such releases, due to the bright blue and Swoosh options provided. While this youthful vibrance is not completely a negative, the prints provided on the Swoosh options and the simplicity of the model almost make it seem childish. There just seems to be less effort here than in the earlier AF1’s with wrap-around velcro Swooshes.


These are available now on


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