Workwear Brand Peels NYC works with Vans on a Slip-On Model


NYC-based workwear brand Peels is the the most recent company to collaborate with Vans on the Vans Slip-on. The simplistic model still provides a great canvas for the cut-and-sew

chainstitched spin.


Peels’ blue collar aesthetic is the perfect slip-on for this Vans silhouette. Vertical striping, similar to that featured on many of Peels ‘uniforms’, is used on the heel of the shoes. Black suede is featured on the heel and toebox. The brand’s name and logo, a rose, have been embroidered on the heel, as well. Finally, the foxing stripes have also been removed from the midsole, finishing off a clean and minimal model.


Peels is a smaller NYC-based brand that I had honestly never heard of prior to this article, but the brand’s initial cut-and-sew offering hints at a focus on quality. This collaboration is another step in the right direction. The use of Alltimers’ Etienne Gagne as a model also gets me all types of excited.


Enjoy these promo photos of the shoes and connected apparel, and cop yours on the Peels website on September 15th.


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