New Nike Model: Drop Type LX

Nike Drop type LX


Nike debuts a new model with the Nike Drop Type LX. This lifestyle shoe is definitely heavily influenced by the ‘patchwork’ trend set by Virgil Abloh, with a less ‘perfect’ design and more features seemingly attached onto the shoe. Exposed foam and ‘handwritten’ features add to the organic construction of the shoe. It also features Sacai influence with the layering style of the midsole.


This sneaker seems to be a mash-up of a variety of Nike silhouettes old and new. An exposed foam tongue has a blue panel stitched over it, and features a scribbled Swoosh, locked down by a conventional lacing system. The midsole has a mix of white, tan, and off-white coloring, and features a mini popped-out Swoosh up near the the toebox and some hand-scribbled writing near the eyelets. Finally, the heel tab is black leather with the same scribbled Swoosh styling. The midsole is also a unique combination, featuring a toecap and a layered vulcanized sole, like the Nike Sacai pack.


At first glance, this is not the most conventionally attractive shoe. But, it fits the trends of today extremely well, and will surely have a market it appeals to. The question is, how long will that appeal last?


This new Nike Drop Type LX is set to release July 1st at Nike retailers.


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