Rokit Redoes the Nike Kyrie 5 for All-Star Weekend

The Nike Kyrie basketball line has seen its fair share of collaborative colorways over the years, which have not slowed with the Kyrie 5. The model was already touched by CNCPTS, and now sees another colorway dreamed up by LA brand ROKIT.

ROKIT has created a bold and vibrant colorway that modifies some aspects of the original Nike Kyrie 5. The Flytrap covering the tongue was made translucent, and the regular large Swoosh has been replaced by an imposing backward Swoosh with a mini Swoosh overlapping in the correct direction in the top quarter panel of the upper. Finally, ROKIT branding protrudes from the heel of the shoe.

The shoe is finished off with a mixture of neon tones that identify with ROKIT branding and really allow the shoe to pop. The upper has an all-black mudguard and heel, vibrant red and navy detailing, and aggressive Volt green coloring to bring it all together through the sole and laces.

The official release date has not been announced, but expect to see these shoes as a part of Nike’s NBA All Star weekend. We’ll keep you updated as we know more.

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