Converse x Eastwood Danso: Converse All-Star Hiking Boot

As 2019 rolls out ahead of us, it appears the chunky, utilitarian looks of 2018 will continue to flourish. This upcoming collaboration between Eastwood Danso and Converse speaks to function and durability, as the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-star is fitted with a thick rubber sole and some other hiking boot-esque modifications.

Danso retains the classic Chuck Taylor upper, but adds an oversized rubber sole, mounts additional lace hooks to the canvas, and adds hiking-style laces. The designer pays homage to the classic, while modifying the shoe to make it compatible for the outdoors.

At this point, there are no official release dates for this collaboration. Danso also alludes to this being just the beginning of his work with Converse. We hope this is the case, and we’ll keep you up to date with any more information that comes up.

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