Vans Era Gets Buckled by Alexander Wang


Japanese designer Alexander Lee Chang links up with Vans for another collaborative project, this time calling the Vans Era to the table. Wang employs the use of a fat fidlock buckle across the upper, to give us a fresh take on the timeless model.


Chang keeps it simple with his take on the Vans Era, other than the obvious fidlock buckle modification. The toe box and heel counter feature black suede, with black canvas on the quarter and lace cage. Vans splashed the shoe with eVent fabrics that are weather resistant and a nice finishing touch. A white midsole finishes off the buckled Era.


Wang’s mix of techwear and skate simplicity is a different application of the fidlock buckle system than usual. The buckle is mainly on chunkier footwear and the minimal design of the Vans Era is a new challenge. Wang pulls it off, as it isn’t clownishly bulky. eVent materials are also new, and it’s good to see Vans upgrading its materials.


This Alexander Lee Chang-created buckled Vans Era will be available in January 2020. No specifics are available on price or locations.


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