Next Door x Adidas Consortium


adidas Consortium teams up with French retailer, The Next Door, to bring us to clean colorways of the adidas SC Premiere and the adidas A.R. Trainer. The colorways were inspired by the location of The Next Door, which is Avignon, a French city that holds the world-famous theater festival d’Avignon, annually


This adidas Consortium collaboration is founded on the foundations of theater, comedy and tragedy, in an effort to pay homage to the festival d’Avignon. The A.R. Trainer features shades of peach, light pink, and seafoam green – a ode to the Comedia De L’Arte theater. The SC premiere features a more subdued palette off white, creams, and other off-whites, with a splash of cardinal red to symbolize drapes used to close the stage. Both shoes feature a stamped heel ‘mask’, one representing comedy and the other tragedy.


adidas Consortium always drops high-end footwear releases. The color palettes used here and the basis of the collaboration make this project one of the more interesting of the year. As excited as I am to see Spongebob-inspired basketball shoes, a more subtle artistic direction and focus on the arts make this project stand out among more shallow works.


These shoes will be hitting adidas Consortium retailers on August 24th.


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