First Look: OFF-WHITE x Nike “Kiger” Debuted by Virgil Abloh


Before performing his set at Coachella, Virgil Abloh took a moment to leak photos of the next OFF-WHITE x Nike collaborative sneaker. Details on the shoes are limited beyond the image.


The shoes follow the acclaimed “The Ten” formula, sticking to familiar text on the upper and laces. The shoes is loosely based on the Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 2, but with a modified tongue, a pink spiked outsole, and added forest green zip cord lacing.


Could the forest green zip cord and bright pink spiked outsole be signs of a new direction for Virgil Abloh’s collaborations with Nike? Only time will tell, but the footwear community is definitely going to be buzzing about this new shoe.

With such a unique sole, the shoe is meant for use in grass, potentially at music festivals like Coachella, that Abloh frequently DJs at. Could this be the beginning of a ‘rave shoe’ trend? A$AP Rocky touted his Osiris D3 rip-off with Under Armour as a shoe made for parties and nights at the club. Perhaps Virgil is adopting this concept and pushing another new agenda.


No concrete information is known about the release of the OFF-WHITE x Nike sneakers. We will keep you updated as Virgil Abloh and his team inevitably reveal more information soon.


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