adidas Adds Newness with the NMD s1


adidas BOOST technology dominated the casual sneaker world for the last five years. The ultra comfy tech has been used on a variety of adidas silhouettes since its original introduction, but one particularly sought after line has always been the adidas NMD models.

The popularity of BOOST stagnated as consumers’ preferences shifted to chunkier styles and classic retro models like the AF1 and Nike dunk. Frankly, people do not care about visible BOOST like they used to. Due to this, adidas has been looking for ways to bring newness to their models, while retaining its cushioning system back in the workshop, dialing up the freshly minted adidas NMD S1 that will retain the unique aspects of the line while catering to the new desires of the market.


The NMD S1 combines the best of both worlds, taking the knitted upper to new futuristic levels and revamping the sole of the shoe to match current market tastes. The upper now features a fitted collar- more sock-like than ever. The throat is also minimized, with seamless construction replacing the overlays that used to lace the shoes. Partially see-through quarter panels marked by Three Stripe branding also play to current market trends.

The sole is where real change took place. The normally exposed BOOST is now housed by a futuristic opaque rubber frame. The NMD’s identifying heel and forefoot bumpers have been replaced by new protrusions in the same area, but with a more dynamic design. The entire outsole is larger and more pronounced than previous NMD models. The model also features visible traction teeth that are shaped as trefoil branding. Take a look at a variety of views of the sneaker via @philllllthy’s Instagram post below.


The idea behind this model is solid, but I highly doubt the market will be jumping to grab a pair. The encapsulated BOOST may provide a bit more support but it does not push the needle enough to make this a MUST-NEED shoe, especially with how hyped up simple classics are right now. Time will tell if this move will be directionally positive for the Three Stripes. BOOST is losing its excitement, and adidas seems to be scrambling to come up with a new way to excite the market.


Currently a release for the adidas NMD S1 hasn’t been revealed, but with influencers receiving their pairs now, it is only a matter of time before more information is available.


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