Nike Officially Introduces the Air Max 2090


Nike is starting out the new year hot, unveiling multiple new models. One model of particular interest is the Nike Air Max 2090, the Swoosh’s new, modernized adaptation of the classic Nike Air Max 90. As a part of the 30th anniversary of the iconic silhouette, the AM90 was given a few modern upgrades both aesthetic and functional- will footwear fiends be a fans of the modifications?


The Nike Air Max 2090 arrives with a mix of new and old parts. The new lifestyle model retains the Air Max 90’s iconic mudguard and forefoot treadlines, the heel logo- with a modified ‘Air’ logo, and an exaggerated ‘cassette’ ridging that surrounds the Air unit and covers the heel logo.

With those key components retained, Nike began infusing pieces of the future of footwear into its prized model. First, the Air bubble’s size is increased by 200 percent (think Air Max 270), adding new levels of comfort. The lacing system is updated, along with a bungee cord-type pull tab. While the design is similar, the forefoot grooving is also modified with reinforced tread and flexibility. The upper’s materials were slimmed down, with the use of darker colors to highlight the shoe’s support structure. The most supportive materials are 100 percent opaque, and the least supportive (and lighter weight) materials are see-through. Finally, the Air Max 2090 has a cropped Swoosh, a look that the brand has been increasingly employing since 2019. The shoe is finished off with highlighted stitching and the new ‘Air’ logo plastered on various parts of the shoe.


At Kickbeast we’re always excited for new models. However, with new models comes new, increased scrutiny. Updating a model as well-known as the Nike Air Max 90 is a dangerous game, and Nike may see slow adoption by consumers who have already seen a barrage of Nike Air models in 2019.

Still, Nike must push the envelope, and the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 90 was the perfect time to give the model some revolutionary changes. Is this Nike Air Max 2090 a cop or drop for you?


The Air Max 2090 is expected to release in March 2020. There is no official pricing available at this time. The shoe will be available via and other associated retailers.


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