Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Initial Images Released

Quick Take:

Nike SB recently dropped a collaborative project with the NBA, taking its main line of skateboarding footwear and applying a double layer of paint- a black layer is rubbed away by the wear and tear of skateboarding to reveal another color beneath. Now, the brand will take this concept to the Air Jordan 1, reminiscent of the 2014 Lance Mountain Nike SB AJ1’s that also featured a wear-away layer of paint. Above, team rider Theotis Beasley was spotted rocking the shoes for a photoshoot.


Thanks to solebyJC, we have detailed images to swipe through above. The shoe’s outer layer has a Lakers-inspired colorway, with a base of white leather made more exciting by purple used on the toe, heel, and eyelets, and a pop of yellow for the Swoosh and ankle collar. The top layer of paint wears away to reveal red beneath, which is being speculated


The decision to create a Lakers-themed shoe with a red Bulls undercolor seems a bit questionable. Unlike the Lance Mountain shoes, which faded white to blue/red, these colors do not seem to mix incredibly well together. However, the Air Jordan 1 is an iconic shoe in skateboarding and it does make sense to dress it up in the two most iconic team colorways (although I’m sure many people would’ve preferred a classic red and white!)

Release Info:

At this time we are not sure of an exact release date for this project. As we garner more information, we will keep you up to date.


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