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*This will probably be a temporary placeholder until I can generate enough content to fill the main pages of KB.*

Kickbeast has been a project of mine since 2008. My passion for footwear began in Middle School, when I wanted a pair of Nike Shox basketball shoes so badly that I bought them 1.5 sizes too big (I was already prepping for the scarcity I would find in later sneaker releases).  That day, I joined the growing population of sneakerheads who were changing footwear from the outside-in. Soon I found myself scouring the likes of Kicksonfire, NiceKicks, and Sneakernews daily to learn more about footwear.

However, I wasn’t going to settle just buying shoes. I wanted to be a part of the industry, so I began to kick around the idea of starting my own footwear news source. I settled on the brilliant name of ‘Kickbeast’ and began working to make this dream a reality. A friend and I built the Kickbeast mobile application, and KB 1.0 was born. We were one of the first mobile sneaker news platforms, but alas, my short high school attention span gave out, and soon the project was abandoned.

In college, my roommate and I resurrected Kickbeast, this time creating a footwear news-aggregating website. Again, my poor commitment led to this project faltering, as we became lazy and didn’t push the brand in anyway, relying on the aggregation to generate content (and assuming that would magically lead to growth).

And thus, here we are today. I’m relaunching Kickbeast for the final time, hoping I can create at least a hollow shell of the vision I had as a kid. I will not be aggregating stories, rather focusing on my personal passions/focuses. The primary focus of the blog will be men’s footwear, but I am hoping to use this as more of a personal portfolio of commentary than anything.

So here’s a weak post to set the bar as low as possible, per usual. Please feel free to check out my musings on sneakers, streetwear, skateboarding, sports, and whatever else I feel like putting the time into writing a full report on.


Noah Roush

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