New Looks at Nike React “Tinker Hatfield”


Tinker Hatfield switched out of his AJ3s to reveal a sneak peek of a new REACT model at a recent speaking engagement. Hatfield provided little information on the shoes, but we’ve been provided with more detailed photos to get another look at the future of REACT tech.


The shoe features a colorful upper primarily composed of mesh. The most interesting feature has to be the REACT midsole, which looks wildly different than any current REACT tech. It features a dotted design that may mean the shoe will feature a new ‘tuned’ REACT.


This new colorway gives this mystery REACT model a much more sporty, functional feel than the first pair seen. During a recent event, Hatfield noted that the new model would not be meant for running, but failed to disclose its purpose. Will Nike expand REACT in a manner similar to their ever-popular Nike Free series?

Release info:

At this time we do not know when this new REACT shoe will be released to the public, but will keep you updated once we get more info.

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