The Basics of a Bot

What are you willing to do to snag the latest Supreme release? As the streetwear industry has exploded, so has the number of people trying to get their hands on the coveted, limited releases of their favorite brands. Today, it’s almost impossible for a regular human to win the race for an online release. This, as many have realized, is due to the scourge of ‘bots’.

The term ‘Bot’ refers to software that allows the user to get an item that sells out almost instantly. Most sites are combating the bot issue by offering raffles or releasing products strictly in-store. END clothing even created their own ‘bot-proof’ system: “Launches” for limited releases. But still, a majority of premier streetwear vendors like Supreme, Palace, Foot Locker, Champs, and more will release their products unprotected online.

This article will help you make the decision on whether or not a bot is worth the work or investment it requires. There are a wide variety of different ‘bot’ softwares on the market, ranging from Autofills, Generic Bots, SuperBots, Backdoor, and ATC services.  We’ll give you a run down of these and help you get an idea of how this all works.

Autofill Software

Autofill software is the most basic type of bot. The program simply inputs your billing/shipping information into a product page when it becomes accessible. Most autofill software is fairly cheap and easily accessible.

Restocks App was considered a type autofill software, but is also available on mobile devices. The app would alert you to the newest restocks for items like Yeezy, NMD, Palace, etc.  However, it still suffered from certain issues. If you used the app for Supreme releases, you were sure to be declined. The app was recently shut down

If you are looking for an autofill software similar to the restocks app for Supreme, use the app ‘Fillr’. It can be used on a mobile device or desktop. Just make sure that your Credit Card info is not in the app. This will flag your card when purchasing on the Supreme website.


Generic Bot Software

A generic bot allows the user to input their information into the software beforehand, like the autofill software mentioned above. Most generic bots will also look for a product page if it hasn’t become available yet, allowing the user to save some time looking for a product landing page. Price tags for a decent generic bot is approximately $100-$500 depending on the quality of the bot and how frequently updates are offered.



There software developers that code their own bots. These bots can purchase 20+ pair of whatever item. These bots are run by the ‘Dons’ of the reselling industry. Most average people aren’t running these programs, so we won’t go indepth on the subject. This is the guy that takes a picture with a wall of orange boxes 5 days after a release.



Backdooring goods via python is another way to code your own software. This type of software is fairly limited and is preferred by people looking to just cop 1-2 pair of whatever item is releasing. You’ll probably need to take a class or do some research if you’re looking to perfect this method.


ATC Services

ATC or ‘Add-To-Cart’ services are for people without a bot. This service allows you to purchase a ‘slot’ from a person or organization that has bots. They will input your credit card info, address, etc. into their bot to hopefully purchase a pair for you. The downside to an ATC is the fact that you’ll have to pay a fee and at the point, you’re better of purchasing in the resell market.

So what are your thoughts? After another “try again next time” – message, will you be willing to make the extra effort for that next release?



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